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aluminum plate

Henan Signi aluminum Co.. Ltd is specialized in producing and marketing aluminum hot -rolled thick plates, ROPP cap materials, pharmaceutical cap materials, aluminum circle/disc for cookware, aluminum drilling entry for PCB, aluminum tape for aluminum plastic tube, aluminum strip for framework of umbrella, aluminum base plates for PS board, aluminum bright finish tread plates, aluminum checkered plates, and household aluminum foil, aluminum pharmaceutical foil, aluminum packing foil, air-conditioner foil, aluminum fin materials. These products are generally applied to air-conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator, cosmetic package, printing,building decoration, aluminum ROPP cap, bus floor, and telecommunication cable etc. fields.


  • difference between H24 and O  of the 1060 medium-th

    difference between H24 and O of the 1060 medium-th

    First of all, we must know that the 1060 medium-thick aluminum plate is divided into two different forms: O-state and H-state. In terms of the manufacturing proc...

  • 2A14 aluminum alloy thick plate

    2A14 aluminum alloy thick plate

    Aluminum alloy thick plate is the primary structural material of modern aerospace industry. At present, the aluminum industry in developed countries has continuo...

  • 6061 medium thick aluminum plate

    6061 medium thick aluminum plate

    6061 medium-thick aluminum plate refers to aluminum plate with aluminum plate thickness greater than 6mm. Signi Aluminum can produce 6061 medium-thick plate with...