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3003/3004 hot rolled aluminum plate for lamp base

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Aluminum alloy is one of the more commonly used materials in the manufacture of lamps. Most domestic lighting materials companies and lamp companies choose 3003/3004 hot-rolled aluminum plates for lamp caps. There are many types of products in the lamp holder factory. Spiral lamp holders use 3003 hot-rolled aluminum plate/3004 hot-rolled aluminum plate. Some fluorescent lamp caps may use 1 series or 3 series aluminum alloy plates. At present, Henan Signi Aluminum Co., Ltd. supplies 3003/3004/3104 aluminum alloy plates for lamp base materials.

3003 hot rolled aluminum plate

3003/3004 hot rolled aluminum plate performance advantages

1. 3003/3004 hot-rolled aluminum plate for base material has strong plasticity, belongs to medium strength, and its use is wide;
2. Easy to form, with good corrosion resistance, and strong stress corrosion cracking ability;
3. The 3003/3004 hot-rolled aluminum sheet is produced by a grinder machine with a high international level, and its quality is guaranteed;
4. The surface quality of the aluminum plate is good, without oil spots, scratches, roller marks, waves, trimmed edges, and no burrs;
5. The overall performance of 3003/3004 hot-rolled aluminum sheet is stable and reliable, and the recycling rate is high.