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Application Prospect Analysis of 5083-H116 Aluminum Plate

Source:Original Editing:Frank Time:2019-06-12 18:18
5083-H116 aluminium plate is commonly used in the field of transportation, for automobile fuel tank, aircraft fuel tank, etc. It can also be used as marine aluminium plate. With the continuous development of space industry and transportation in China, automobiles, ships and aircraft have become important modern means of transportation, and the demand for 5083-H116 aluminium sheets will be increasing. In our country, the 5 series aluminium sheet is one of the more mature aluminium sheet series, and it is also widely used in conventional industrial manufacturing.

5083-H116 Aluminum Plate
The main characteristics of 5083-H116 aluminium sheet are low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. At the same area, the weight of Al-Mg alloy is lower than that of other alloy series. Aluminum alloy sheets under different heat treatment conditions are the main materials used in automobile manufacturing (car doors, fuel tanks, seals), shipbuilding and tank manufacturing industries.
In addition, the strength of magnesium alloy in 5083-H116 aluminum sheet is high, and the alloy after heat treatment has good machinability, corrosion resistance and weldability. Generally, the price of aluminium sheet is divided into two parts. The price of aluminium sheet plus processing fee is generally higher for 5083-H116 aluminium sheet because of its complex processing technology and high technical and equipment requirements for achieving excellent performance.