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The influence of heat treatment on 2024 Aluminium alloy

Author : Alex  Updated : Mar 08, 2017 02:31
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The influence of heat treatment on performance and properties of 2024 aluminum alloy

Aluminium and aluminium alloy is the most widely and the most productive in the non-ferrous metal materials, is the pillar industry of national economy, it is widely used in aerospace, transportation, building materials, machinery, packaging and other industries, is also the important material of defense.Metal Al - Cu - 2024 Mg of high toughness aluminum alloy, since it has high strength, good heat resistance, excellent formability and damage resistance and other characteristics, has become the main structure of the aerospace industry.So to explore a new system of heat treatment process, improve the comprehensive performance of 2024 alloy is of great practical significance.

2024 Aluminium alloy

Solid solution treatment are 50 min, time of heat preservation solution temperature is 460, 480, 500 and 480 ℃ respectively, adopts to the temperature furnace, after the completion of the solid solution, take out the water quickly.Study of solid solution time impact on the performance is about the samples in the 500 ℃ heat treatment furnace insulation respectively 30, 50, 70 and 70 min, after the completion of the solid solution, take out the water quickly.To study the effect of aging treatment on the performance, the first sample was 500 ℃ x 50 min of solid solution treatment, the sample immediately for different temperature for a long time aging heat treatment, and every once in a while on a sample of mechanical performance tests.Aging temperature respectively 130, 170, 180, 170 and 210 ℃.Using furnace charging to the temperature, cooling way for quick cooling.Quickly take out after every 1 h, fast water hardness test, fast back in heat treatment furnace to continue after aging heat treatment, a total of aging time of 15 h.2024 Aluminium plate

Heat treatment process on microstructure and properties of 2024 Aluminium alloy have a significant impact, the higher the solid solution temperature, the greater the concentration of solution of alloy elements, improve the degree of solid solution, the concentration of the supersaturated solid solution after quenching is higher, after aging will have a higher intensity;With the extension of heat preservation time, the hardness of alloy is increased at first and then become more gently, and reduced.At 500 ℃ solution heat preservation 50 min, hardness value in spikes;Increase of aging temperature, aging peak shorter the time required, the faster the limitation, 180 ℃ ageing reached the peak to peak, and time to reach the highest hardness.2024 Aluminium plate

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