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Analysis of the performance and use of 5083 ultra-thick alum

Author : Alex  Updated : Nov 14, 2018 17:32
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5083 ultra-thick aluminum plate belongs to 5 series aluminum alloy products, belonging to Al-Mg-Si alloy, which is one of the key products of ultra-thick aluminum alloy. The 5083 super-thick aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance, good weldability and cold workability. , medium strength. From its use in fuel tank tubing, traffic vehicles, instrument street lights, hardware products, etc., the 5083 ultra-thick aluminum sheet is widely used and is a promising 5-series alloy.

5083 ultra-thick aluminum plate

At present, the 5083 ultra-thick aluminum plate is commonly used in the F state and the O state. The commonly used thickness is 300-500mm, and the common specification is 1220*2440mm, which is generally used for molds. At the same time, the 5083 super-thick aluminum plate has a good anti-rust function, so it has also become a rust-proof aluminum plate, which has broad application prospects in marine economy such as ship fittings. The current 5083 ultra-thick aluminum plate has passed the certification of the world's authoritative Norwegian classification society, and has obtained the “license” of the world ship aluminum plate market. With the development of the marine economy, the 5083 ultra-thick aluminum plate will open up the overseas market for the company. Bring to important opportunities.

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