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The improvement process of Brushed aluminum plate

Author : Alex  Updated : Nov 10, 2017 09:39
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Improvement of aluminum plate process - Brushed aluminum plate

Brushed aluminum plate is aluminum plate on the process of a kind of ascension, compared with ordinary aluminum plate, the plate appearance has exquisite drawing texture and a layer of oxide film, can protect the sheet from the surrounding air, rain and other aspects of corrosion, and therefore it will get more has a shiny appearance. Of course, in addition to this, brushed aluminum plate has a lot of advantages, such as easy to processing molding, to fire, fight corrupt capability is strong, and so on, thus the use of the current sheet in some areas more frequently, many aspects such as construction, electrical appliances, etc will consider the use of this plate.Such as architecture, with this sheet to join, to bring these buildings and better appearance, but also can make buildings are not afraid of rain, and some chemicals corrosion, environmentally harmless characteristics is also one of the main reasons for it can be widely used.

Brushed aluminum plate

When we walk in big cities, we found around the tall buildings are at the time of shine with the light of fashion, we cannot ignore the brushed aluminum plate 's role in it, a lot of it was because of this city inside of building plank can coruscate gives new vitality in the people's horizons, give people a better life and travel experiences.

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