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What kind of medium-thick aluminum plate is the best quality

Author : Alex  Updated : Sep 12, 2018 15:02
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1. Identification of the mark

The medium-thick aluminum plate manufacturers we usually see are marked, and the standard code and license of the product are on the logo.

2. Surface quality inspection

In addition to cleaning or not, we need to see more things on the surface of medium-thick aluminum manufacturers. For example, we should look at whether there are some cracks in the aluminum sheet or some corrosion. These need to be carefully The observation of the talent can be found.

3. Thickness of oxide film

This is required to be tested using a professional eddy current thickness gauge.  

medium-thick aluminum plate

aluminum plate

4. Quality of sealing

The formation of the sealing holes is formed after the anodization performed. If these sealing holes are not well treated, the subsequent aluminum sheets are corroded. Usually, the detection method we perform is acid leaching. After removing the surface dust, the nitric acid is dripped onto the surface. After gently wiping, the nitric acid is washed off with water, and then the purple syrup is dripped on the surface. After one minute, it is cleaned and seen. Look at the surface for obvious traces, if any, it means that the sealing is not handled well.

5. Corrosion resistance

This indicator of medium-thick aluminum plate manufacturers also affects the life of aluminum plates. We often use the method of dropping alkali, using sodium hydroxide solution, mainly to see the time when the oxide film is penetrated. It is recommended to carry out the strict requirements in the laboratory.

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