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1050 aluminum dinner plates sheet metal roll

Author : Alex  Updated : Sep 10, 2020 00:00
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Aluminum tableware is a tableware made of aluminum or its alloy as a basic material. The general color is silvery white, shiny, tough and light, not easy to rust

1050 aluminum dinner plates sheet metal roll belongs to 1000 series aluminum sheet, the content of aluminum is 99.5%. It is one of the most common aluminum sheets. Application This material is usually used for daily necessities, lighting appliances, decorations, chemical containers, radiators, electronics, lamps Reflector, nameplate, stamping parts

1050 aluminum dinner plates sheet metal roll

1050 aluminum dinner plates sheet metal roll

Dinnerware Type:

Dishes & Plates



Metal Type:

aluminum alloy




Eco-friendly, Stocked

Place of Origin:


Treatment of aluminum plate:

Mill finish, anodizing and coating/painting

Maximum width of aluminum plate:2300 mm

Thickness of aluminum plate:0.15mm-200mm

Length of aluminum plate:

Any length is available, but it should be suitable for loading the container

1050 aluminum dinner plates sheet metal rollPrecautions

  1. 1. Do not touch acidic and alkaline substances when using aluminum tableware
  2. 2. Aluminum pots should not be used for long-term storage of meals and long-term holding of salty foods, and aluminum shovel should not be used to scrape the pot wall.
  3. 3. Do not use with iron tableware
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