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3A21 aluminum plate for car body skin

Author : Alex  Updated : Aug 12, 2020 00:00
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The car body skin is a layer of thin plate structure outside the body frame that we commonly say, which is connected to the window guard, body frame, dot half and other components through spot welding. At present, the more common car body skin uses 3A21 aluminum plate , Its specific performance and price quotations are analyzed in detail here.

3A21 aluminum plate

What is the performance of 3A21 aluminum plate for car body skin

  • 1. Fatigue resistance, high strength and high elongation.
  • 2. It has excellent corrosion resistance and can adapt to humid environments.
  • 3. The finished product has a regular layout, no bumps, bright spots, scratches and other defects.
  • 4. Anti-corrosion ability, strong stress corrosion cracking ability.
  • 5. Energy saving and environmental protection, high recycling rate.
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