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2A12-H112 Aluminum sheet plate

Author : Alex  Updated : Aug 03, 2017 00:00
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2A12-H112 Aluminum Sheet Plate

2A12 H112 Alminum sheet plate Introduction

2A12 aluminum alloy is Al-Cu-Mg-based aluminum alloy, temper H112, is a high-strength hard aluminum,can be strengthened through heat treatment, spot welding is good, cutting to length is good, but corrosion resistance is not high, often using anodized with the painting method or the surface with cladding to enhance the corrosion resistance.

2A12 H112 Alminum sheet

2A12 H112 Alminum sheet plate Chemical Composition

Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Zr Fe+Ni Other Al
2A12 0.50 0.50 3.8- 4.9 0.30-0.90 1.2- 1.8 - 0.30 0.15 - 0.5 0.1 Remainder

2A12 H112 Alminum sheet plate Mechanical Property

Tensile strength(Mpa)≥ 345

Yield Strength(Mpa)≥ 245

Elongation(%)≥ 7

2A12 H112 Alminum sheet plate Product Features:

  • 1.High strength of hard aluminum
  • 2. Good welding performance
  • 3. Good cutting performance
  • 4. Small density, good processing performance
  • 5. Good heat resistance, can be used as the working parts below 150 ℃ 

2A12 H112 Alminum sheet plate Typical Usage

2A12-H112 Aluminum sheet/plate is mainly used for processing of various high-load parts and components (but not including stamping parts forging) such as the skeleton parts, skin, frame, ribs, spars, rivets and other Components on aircraft with working below 150 ℃ 

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