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Thpe Application of 5 Series Marine Aluminum Alloy

Author : Alex  Updated : Jul 27, 2017 00:00
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The Performance and Application of 5 Series Marine Aluminum Alloy

Marine aluminum alloy according to the different manufacturing process can be divided into deformation of aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy, due to the marine aluminum alloy on the strength, corrosion resistance, weldability and other special requirements, so the choice of marine aluminum alloy aluminum - magnesium series alloy , Aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy and aluminum-zinc-magnesium alloy, so the 5 series of aluminum - magnesium alloy on the most widely used in ships, therefore,What are the characteristics of 5 series of marine aluminum alloy?

 Thpe Application of 5 Series Marine Aluminum Alloy

Thpe Application of 5 Series Marine Aluminum Alloy

5 series of marine aluminum alloy mainly include of three alloy:5083,5086,5456 . 6 series alloy in the seawater will cause the intergranular corrosion, so use it more in the ship superstructure ;

And the shortcomings of 7 series alloy is poor corrosion resistance, so it has limited usage. On the whole, 5 series of marine aluminum is currently the most widely used, the most promising aluminum products.

5083 aluminum alloy can be seen as the representative of 5 series marine aluminum , the temper include of O, H111, H112, H116, H321, etc. 5083 aluminum alloy with moderate strength, corrosion resistance and good formability, high fatigue resistance, generally used as the main structure of the hull. Others such as 5052,5086,5454,5456, etc., are also used in hull structures or pressure vessels, pipes, hulls and decks.

In general, the thickness of the use of the plate is determined by the hull structure, the ship's specifications and the use of parts, etc., from the perspective of the weight of the hull, generally to use the thin aluminium sheet but also should to consider the corrosion depth of plate during the using time, generally the Plate has the thin sheet which is more than 1.6mm and the thick plate which is above 30mm. There are also some special specifications from the shipyard contracts,.For non-slip, the deck shall use the aluminium checkered plate.

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