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7075 Aviation aluminium sheet

Author : Alex  Updated : Sep 11, 2019 00:00
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7075 Aviation aluminium sheet is a high strength heat-treated alloy, with extremely high strength, anti-spalling corrosion and anti-stress corrosion cracking properties.

Usually used in aircraft structural parts for medium and heavy plate extrusion, free forging and die forging. The requirements for manufacturing this kind of parts are: anti-stripping corrosion, anti-stress corrosion cracking, fracture toughness and anti-fatigue performance.

7075 Aviation aluminium sheet

7075 t7451 aluminium sheet

Zinc is the main alloy element of 7075 series aluminium alloy. Adding magnesium to the alloy containing 3%-75% zinc can form MgZn2 with remarkable strengthening effect. The heat treatment effect of this alloy is much better than that of Al-Zn binary alloy. Increasing the content of zinc and magnesium in the alloy will further improve the tensile hardness, but its resistance to stress corrosion and exfoliation corrosion will be improved. After heat treatment, it can achieve very high strength characteristics. The materials of this system are usually added to discuss copper-chromium alloys.

In this system, 7075-T651 aluminium alloy is regarded as the best product of aluminium alloy. It has high strength and is much better than soft steel. This alloy has good mechanical properties and anodic reaction. It is mainly used in aviation and aviation. Die processing, machinery and equipment, fixtures and fixtures, especially for aircraft manufacturing structures and other high stress structures requiring high strength and corrosion resistance.

  • Density: 2.83g/cm3 (0.102 lb/in3) at 20 () C.
  • Annealing temperature 415 (775)
  • Solution temperature 475 (890)
  • Aging temperature 120-175 (250-350)
  • The following are the theoretical formulas for calculating the weight of aluminium tubes, aluminium plates and aluminium bars. (Note: Error from actual weight)
  • Aluminum sheet weight (kg) = 0.00271 x thickness x width x Length
  • Aluminum tube weight (kg) = 0.00879 * wall thickness * external diameter - wall thickness * length
  • The formula for calculating the weight of aluminium bar (kg) = 0.0022 x diameter x diameter x Length  
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