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6061 aluminum plate for wheel hub

Author : Alex  Updated : Aug 28, 2019 00:00
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The aluminum alloy wheel hub material can be selected from 6061 aluminum plate.  The 6061 0 state plate produced by Signi Aluminum Co., Ltd. is spin-processed into circular hub by the manufacturer, and then quenched, oxidized and polished. The process is made into a car wheel. After being processed into a hub, the 6061 aluminum plate has a large hardness, light weight, wear resistance, good heat dissipation, etc., and is now favored by more and more wheel manufacturers.

6061 aluminum plate for wheel hub

6061 medium-thick aluminum plate, stable performance, high temperature resistance, it is important that the heat dissipation is good, it can dissipate the heat of the brake of the car well, reduce the thermal decay of the brake, increase the service life, and reduce the heat well. The weight of the vehicle gradually replaced the steel wheel hub.

Advanced technical equipment is a hard condition for good products. Henan Signi Aluminum's medium-thick aluminum plate adopts internationally advanced precision saws. According to the needs of different customers, aluminum plates can be placed in various directions on both sides of the aluminum plate in various directions, and the accuracy is accurate. Very high, vertical and horizontal parallelism error is plus or minus 2 mm, vertical and horizontal vertical error is ≤0.1mm/200mm, and the surface roughness of the cutting section: Ra≤25 (when the feed rate is 1m/min), which guarantees the customer's product at the time of production. accurate.

The 6061 medium-thick aluminum plate produced by Signi Aluminum has a thickness of 0.15-600mm and a width of 500-2650mm. It is a rare 6061 ultra-wide aluminum plate manufacturer. Welcome to inquire.  

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