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Aluminum corrugated plate board

Author : Alex  Updated : Sep 20, 2018 00:00
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1. The bonding performance is stable and durable.

Aluminum corrugated plate made of AL3003H16-H18 material, the panel thickness is 0.7mm~1.0mm, backplane thickness of 0.5 - 1mm (with the same aluminum honeycomb board), using the AL3003H16-H18 core board, material thickness was 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, water ripples, and the panel back bonding surface of arc, increasing the bonding strength, using heat hardening resin adhesive with excellent adhesion to metal plates, in the production of advanced automatic production equipment, ensure durable and stable performance of building bond with life.

Aluminum corrugated plate

2. Energy conservation and environmental protection:

The core plate of the aluminum corrugated board plate is a water wave pattern. The air channel is formed between the panel and the back plate. It is a hollow plate system. It is the best product of heat insulation and heat preservation. Under the action of solar radiation, the air in the channel is heated up to take away the heat and has the heat insulation performance. In cold areas, the sealing of the upper and lower end of the corrugated channel, the daytime irradiation under the sunlight, the storage of heat energy to reduce the loss of indoor heating heat, and has the thermal insulation performance. The remainder in the project can be recovered 100%, and the environmental protection is no pollution.

3. sound insulation and noise reduction:

Because the core plate is a corrugated arc, it reflects the surface of the sound wave and eliminates the sound wave coupling between the panel and the back plate, and improves the sound insulation performance of more than 35dB.

sound insulation and noise reduction

4. Ultra high evenness:

Aluminum corrugated board is not suitable for large plate or large height curtain wall engineering because the thickness of aluminum plate is 0.7--1.0mm and the bearing capacity is small after folding. Because the linear expansion coefficient is 2.35x10-5, the aluminum sheet has large shrinkage and thermal expansion deformation. After 1-2 years, the concave and convex deformation on the surface of the aluminum plate affects the artistry of the fa ade. The flatness of the outer surface of the aluminum honeycomb plate is better, but it is not suitable to be used by the project. The tensile and compressive strength of aluminum corrugated board, 180 degree peel strength (see the report) is higher than that of honeycomb panel, so it has super high surface smoothness, stability and durability, and the same life of building.

5. Light weight and economical:

Aluminum corrugated board plate thickness of 6mm, the proportion of 4.3kg/ square meters due to surface heavy load is small, and the structure of bearing keel can be reduced, more economical.

6. Yi Qingxi, corrosion resistance, antifouling ability, durable discoloration.

7. The processing and installation are simple and convenient: Easy to process: cutting, drilling, bending, can be made into flat plate, arc plate. The edge ribs and reinforcing help can be connected with the pull rivet, which is simple and firm. Easy installation construction: the structure of fixed distance pressing, hanging, seams and closed seams can be adopted to ensure smooth surface, safety and durability, and more architectural art.  

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