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5086 medium thick aluminum plate

Author : Alex  Updated : Sep 19, 2018 00:00
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5086 aluminum alloy, also known as aluminum-magnesium alloy, is a kind of anti-rust aluminum, because the alloy composition in it can increase their anti-corrosion performance, and the 5086 aluminum alloy has the highest magnesium alloy content. 5086 medium-thick aluminum plate is mainly used in ships, automobiles, construction machinery, pressure vessels and other fields.

5086 medium-thick aluminum plate

Signi Aluminum Industry 5086 Medium Thick Aluminum Sheet Advantage:

1. Leading integrated cutting line in China to meet customers' precise customization requirements

The main equipments include unwinding machine, rough straightening machine, disc shearing, oil cleaning device, precision straightening machine, mode flying shear, belt conveyor, rocker table and high pressure pumping station, etc., which can realize integrated and complete processing. The production range is wide and the processable range is: 4-16 mm * 850-1800 mm * 600-8000 mm, which meets most market demands.

2, the industry's first-class polishing processing technology, the product is smooth and smooth, uniform brightness

Through pure mechanical principle, it solves various problems caused by the surface of the board, reduces the surface roughness of the board, and makes the appearance of the product uniform, bright and flat. The treated sheet has a fine, smooth surface and uniform brightness.

5086 medium-thick aluminum plate

3, Ф 660mm thick plate precision saw, product specification vertical and horizontal error is less than 2mm

Ф 660mm thick plate precision saw can accurately cut aluminum plates into aluminum plates of various specifications in two directions on the plane according to the requirements of different customers. Accuracy of finished product accuracy: vertical parallelism allowable error: ≦±2 mm, lateral parallelism allowable error: ≦±2 mm, vertical and horizontal perpendicularity error: ≦0.1 mm/200 mm, diagonal tolerance: 2.0 × aluminum plate width ÷ 1000 mm, surface roughness of the cut section: Ra≦25 (when the feed rate is 1 m/min).

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