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5086 h116 aluminum plate

Author : Alex  Updated : Aug 09, 2019 00:00
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Overview: 5086 h116 aluminum is one of the aluminum alloy materials with both plasticity and corrosion resistance in the 5 series.

5086 aluminum plate use: for applications requiring high corrosion resistance, good weldability and moderate strength, such as ships, automobiles, airplanes, cryogenic equipment, TV towers, drilling units, transportation equipment, missile parts and decks, etc. .

5086 h116 aluminum plate

5086 h116 aluminum plate features:

The characteristics and prerequisites of the ship's aluminum plate, and the aluminum plate for the ship must be able to meet: high hardness, strong forming ability and plasticity, and the aluminum plate itself must have high rust resistance and corrosion resistance, enjoy the sea. It is also necessary to face the corrosive nature of seawater in the technical points and carry out related corrosion resistance.

Bruce is a rust-proof and corrosion-resistant marine special board designed for use in yachts and other equipment. This product is characterized by high hardness and strong corrosion resistance, and is especially suitable for shipbuilding and yacht manufacturing enterprises.

5086 h116 aluminum plate process standard:

Using a thermal compounding process, the peel strength is higher than the national standard, and the 5086 aluminum sheet has superior weather resistance and UV resistance. It is resistant to acid and alkali and can withstand harsh environments. Color and gloss for a long time, the service life can reach more than 15 years, temperature range: -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius, environmentally friendly green building materials, fire performance up to sound insulation and shock absorption performance, color choice, color and beautiful Good texture, easy to stain, easy to clean and other features and advantages, and 5086 aluminum plate has more corrosion resistance than other series and alloys, and also has a good effect on the surface processing.

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