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3104 aluminum plate advantages

Author : Alex  Updated : Jul 31, 2019 00:00
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3104 aluminum plate is a representative product of 3000 series aluminum-manganese alloy, also known as deformed aluminum alloy. The material state has O state, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H112, etc., with good depth. Punching performance and tensile strength, commonly used in lamp materials, blinds, cans, oxidizing materials, aluminum substrates for color coating.

The 3104 aluminum plate  advantages

  • 1. Light, durable, economical and environmentally friendly.
  • 2. 3104 aluminum plate has good deep drawing performance and tensile strength, the elongation rate is up to 20%.
  • 3. Strong anti-corrosion performance and good processing performance.

3104 aluminum plate

3104 aluminum plate application

Can lid 3104-h19 aluminum plate

Why 3104 can body is sought after? The main source is its unique advantages:

  • 1. It is stable in nature and is not easy to react with the contained products to ensure the safety of food and drinks.
  • 2. The material is light, which can make the product packaged in aluminum cans lighter, convenient for transportation and cost saving.

3104-h19 aluminum plate

3104-h19 aluminum plate

3104 aluminum alloy shutter

Advantages of aluminum alloy louver 3104 aluminum plate for lamp cap material

  • 1. Aluminum alloy has good antirust function. The oxide film formed on its surface is not easy to oxidize, corrosion-resistant and has a long service life,
  • 2. Aluminum alloy louver 3104 aluminum plate has smooth surface, strong plasticity and is easy to stretch. The louver made of aluminum alloy is durable and has small deformation.
  • 3. 3104 aluminum plate is used for aluminum alloy lamp cap, with high elongation, not easy to crack in stamping and good weldability.

3104 aluminum alloy shutter

3104 aluminum alloy shutter

3104 aluminum plate is used for corrugated plate

Advantages of 3104 aluminum plate for corrugated plate:

  • 1. Light weight, strong and durable: that is, the substructure has light weight and high strength. It can be used to build a light but extremely stable structure
  • 2. Strong corrosion resistance and plasticity: aluminum material itself has strong corrosion resistance and plasticity. Even if it is used for a long time under extreme conditions, it does not need to spend expensive cost to maintain it
  • 3. Beautiful and recyclable: it can be polished and painted on various surfaces. The recycling process is compared with the primary production process.

3104 aluminum plate is used for corrugated plate

Factors affecting the price of 3104 aluminum sheet:

Aluminum plate price = aluminum ingot price + processing fee + freight

  • 1. Aluminum ingot price. The price of aluminum ingots fluctuates every day. Therefore, manufacturers' quotations for aluminum sheet products of the same specification will also change with the fluctuation of aluminum ingot prices.
  • 2. Processing fee. The processing cost of different states and specifications of 3104 aluminum plate is different. The processing of ultra-wide aluminum plate and ultra-thin aluminum plate is difficult, and the processing cost is higher than that of conventional aluminum plate. In addition, the processing fee is also related to the equipment capacity, product quality and other cost of the aluminum board manufacturer.
  • 3, shipping costs. Logistics transportation is an important part of aluminum plate sales. The length of transportation distance and the quantity of goods affect the calculation of freight rates of aluminum plates. Under normal circumstances, some large manufacturers are equipped with a relatively complete logistics system, which can save some overall transportation costs.

aluminum sheet packing

In order to ensure the safety of aluminum plates during transportation and storage, and to enable customers to use aluminum plates with stable quality. After several years of repeated tests, a clear aluminum plate packaging standard has been formulated:

  • ① Firstly, the aluminum plate shall be tightly wrapped with a layer of dense waterproof film, carefully sealed with adhesive tape, and enough desiccant shall be placed inside the package to prevent oxidation or corrosion of the aluminum plate.
  • ② A layer of kraft waterproof paper is wrapped outside the waterproof film. Thick kraft paper can well isolate the temperature difference between the exterior and interior environment, avoid the condensation of water vapor on the aluminum plate due to the large temperature difference, and prevent the oxidation of the aluminum plate.
  • ③ The kraft paper will be covered with a whole layer of corrugated paper for protection. The edges and corners of the aluminum plate are protected with special corrugated. Finally, the aluminum plate and wooden support are packed together with metal packing belt. Several tons of aluminum plates shall be reinforced to prevent scattering and sliding of aluminum plates during transportation, and friction between aluminum plates shall be avoided after fixation.
aluminum sheet packing

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