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Powder polyester paint sprayed aluminum sheet features

Author : Alex  Updated : Aug 23, 2018 00:00
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  • 1, Powder polyester paint sprayed aluminum sheet uniform coating, color diversity. Advanced electrostatic spraying the paint uniform, and aluminum attachments and various color, choose a large space.
  • 2, aluminum sheet is not easy to smear, easy cleaning and maintenance. Non adhesive coating film, the surface is very difficult to adhere to pollution, more good to clean.

    Powder polyester paint sprayed aluminum sheet

  • 3, Powder polyester paint sprayed aluminum sheet has the advantages of light weight, high strength steel is good, 3.0mm thick aluminum per square counter weight 8kg, tensile strength 100-280n/mm2
  • 4, Powder polyester paint sprayed aluminum sheet weatherability and corrosion resistance. Using kynar-500, hylur500 as the base material of PVDF fluorocarbon paint can reach 25 years not leg color.
  • 5, Powder polyester paint sprayed aluminum sheet of good process. The painting process first after processing, aluminum can be processed into a plane, arc and sphere and other complex geometry.
  • 6, Powder polyester paint sprayed aluminum sheet Recyclable reuse, favorable environmental protection. Aluminum can be recycled 100%, different from the glass, stone, ceramic, aluminum plate and other decorative materials, recycling of residual high.
  • 7, aluminum sheet of convenient and fast installation and construction. Aluminum in the factory molding, the construction site without cutting, fixed on the frame. 

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