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Bright Anodized Aluminum plate

Author : Alex  Updated : Oct 20, 2017 00:00
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Bright Anodized Aluminum plate

The bright Anodized aluminum plate is processed by the unique optical Anodized technology of Signi Aluminium, which is the crystallization of the three years of scientific research and obtained the national invention patent.Light Anodized technology is a high-performance membrane protective pretreatment technology, the characteristics of the technology is the use of a variety of high density film composite technology, membrane layer flexible performance, improve the surface corrosion resistance, solved the problem after processing of stamping T bend burst, help customers reduce costs, simplify the production process, improve production efficiency and product percent of pass.The technology is widely used in automobile, electronics, home appliance, architectural decoration and other fields.

Bright Anodized Aluminum plate

Advantages of bright anodized aluminum plate:

  • 1. Effective control of color difference; 
  • 2. The protective layer is not cracked in bending. 
  • 3. Superior washing resistance; 
  • 4. The uv resistance is not discolored; 
  • 5. Super metal texture, high grade and beautiful; 
  • 6. Only one third of the proportion of stainless steel; 
  • 7. Scratch resistant; 
  • 8. Leave no fingerprints after touch; 
  • 9. Antistatic and easy to clean;
  • 10.Environmental level reaches food grade;

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