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Aluminum news summary FY2014 (china)

Author : Author : Alex Updated : Jun 12, 2015 00:00
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Aluminum news summary FY2014 (china)

Ministry of Industry will speed up the transport of aluminum application

Ministry of Raw Material Industry in Beijing organized a transport of aluminum application seminars, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the non-ferrous metal processing association, Chinalco Southwest Aluminum Company, Shenhua, Shandong jungle Group, Hunan Sheng Tong Group, Shandong Wei Representative Bridge Aluminum Co., Shandong Nanshan Group and other units attended the meeting. aluminum plate

It is understood that the next step and Raw Materials Division will work with relevant departments and bureaus and departments in the transportation of aluminum to strengthen cooperation in the field of application, study the establishment of upstream and downstream cooperation mechanisms proposed revision proposal appropriate standards, accelerate the development of high-strength aluminum alloy material and further do good transportation, aluminum popularization and application work.

China's first special aluminum alloy pre - stretching board projects signed

Under the leadership of the Hebei provincial government witness, Galaxy Aluminum Co., Pei Ying, president of Lions and Dingzhou city government signed a "special aluminum alloy pre - stretching board and deep processing project" investment cooperation agreement, marking the country's first special aluminum alloy pre-stretching board construction project was officially opened, to fill the gaps related industries. The project is Galaxy Aluminum Company invested 5.0 billion, to provide buyer's credit funded by Australia and New Zealand Banking, SMS production line and the introduction of German technology. The construction period of three years, after the operation, special aluminum alloy pre - stretching board annual production up to 600,000 tons, the annual output of 400,000 tons of deep-processed products, the annual output value of 10 billion yuan, 30 billion yuan in profits, employment related industries 3 million people.

China-made large passenger aircraft C919 extensive use of aluminum material

C919 large passenger aircraft in the first aircraft fuselage Central Air Branch Xi'an Aircraft successful delivery (including the center wing), aileron components, following the July 31 this year, the first aircraft nose C919 aircraft industry to fly off the assembly line in May C919 fuselage before the 15th most segments AVIC Hongdu offline successfully after a significant milestone. As central C919 aircraft structural load of the whole machine, the big part time delivery, will play a decisive role in the completion of the docking C919 large passenger airplane body first year.

The delivery of the body (including the center wing) and large parts of the outer wing box located in the central body, length 5.99 m, width 3.96 m, the Central fuselage barrel section, keel beam, central wing, emergency gates, the section contains parts over 8200, involving more than 3400 tooling, a large selection of the third generation of aluminum-lithium alloy, high damage tolerance aluminum alloy and super alloy forgings, this is the first time in the domestic civil aircraft applications. Aluminum profile

Aluminum casting thin foil technology breakthroughs to fill the gaps in the world art

Shuttle from Yunnan Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. developed the production of 0.0045 mm aluminum casting billets to achieve mass production, breaking only produce foil 0.005 mm or less international hot rolled billet traditional craft route, changing the domestic ultra-thin aluminum foil all dependence on imports In the field of world technology industry to fill a gap. This process has a short process, low energy consumption, low cost, environmentally friendly notable features, including ultra-thin thickness of 0.005 mm aluminum foil stability of production of high purity N2 bottom continuous low blow technology, alloy narrow control technology, cast spout and dividing device structure, rolling oil, clean technology and annealing five patents. And China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association as "the world's first international leader."

Aluminum battery research Breakthrough

A newly developed aluminum as the material of the metal complex has begun to test the fuel cell electric vehicle, to good effect. Industry analysts believe that the successful development of new fuel cell, the commercialization of aluminum battery can be expected, in this situation, the domestic aluminum battery concept is expected to be in focus.

The source pointed out that the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other domestic institutions of higher learning, scientific research units have already carried out an empty aluminum, zinc-air battery research, the research community so far there are still some technical issues need to break, for example, how to prevent carbon dioxide, water vapor and other substances and aluminum metal reacts like.

Chongqing electric bus developed aluminum body weight by 40%

Chongqing auto industry upgrading and restructuring of major science and technology has made a breakthrough in passenger car research and development, we developed the eight-round lightweight low-floor all-electric passenger vehicle prototype alignment line.

Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission reports, the bus is the first motor car wheel independent suspension dispersion drive low-floor city bus, with independent front axle and the rear axle drive module, compact structure, small size, light weight, short transmission chain efficiency High, low noise; take low vehicle floor layout, the interior channel width of up to 1200mm, interior space can be 100% of the total use; use of aluminum body, lighter than a conventional steel body by 40%.

In addition, the kind of car central drive chassis than traditional light electric vehicles 30% by weight, low driving energy consumption, for moving four rotational speed control, electronic differential control steering.

Guangdong Xingfa Aluminium won the 2014 industrial cleaner production demonstration projects

Guangdong Xingfa Aluminium Co., Ltd. "Air Pollutant Emission Reduction aluminum production line technological transformation" project won the 2014 industrial cleaner production demonstration project in Guangdong Province, the only win of the enterprise. Aluminum coil

According to the national "five" Plan clearly four major pollutant binding emission reduction targets, the requirements of resource conservation and environmental protection for heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants pollution prevention proposed combination of current aluminum industry the rapid development of energy consumption and pollutant emissions is growing, aluminum energy saving is very important.

Xingfa Aluminum "aluminum production line air pollutant emission reduction technological innovation", including not-for-casting furnace to stabilize the flame regenerative combustion systems and energy-saving technological transformation of 24 sets of aluminum rod extrusion furnace energy-saving technological transformation of production lines and other subprojects .

Asia Aluminum participation and editor of "aluminum alloy non-chromium chemical conversion pretreatment film" industry standard

Asia Aluminum in 2013, following in the preparation of "Aluminum Profiles unit product energy consumption limits" for the renewed engagement and editor of "aluminum alloy non-chromium chemical conversion pretreatment film" industry standard.

In order to regulate the industry standard chromium-free surface treatment, leading the aluminum industry to embark on a green, environmental protection and sustainable development path, Asia Aluminum actively participate in the "aluminum alloy non-chromium chemical conversion pretreatment film" industry standard preparation, and by virtue of Its industry-leading technology level, improve the production site management, strict implementation and rigorous standard file test production techniques, as well as chrome-free surface treatment technology matures application, successfully become one of the chief editor of the standard units. By then, the formal implementation of the standard will not only environmentally friendly blowing a whirlwind of technological innovation in the aluminum industry, but also help the development of the new national energy-saving environmental protection, it has significant social and economic benefits.

Deyang Cable steel core high conductivity of aluminum wire through the identification

China Electricity Council held TBEA (Deyang) Cable Co., Ltd. in Beijing to develop the organization's "JL4 / G1A-630 / 45-45 / 7 steel core high conductivity aluminum wire", "JL3 / LHA1- 465 / 210-42 / 19 aluminum alloy core high conductivity of aluminum wire "and" JLHA3-675-61 in strength aluminum strands "and other products technical appraisal. Deyang Cable steel core high conductivity aluminum wire through the identification.

SWA 12,000 tons aircraft-grade aluminum sheet pre-stretching machine equipment through the identification

China Machinery Industry Federation organized industry experts SWA "12,000 tons aircraft-grade aluminum sheet pre-stretching machine equipment" projects scientific and technological achievements. Identification of the Committee agreed that SWA 12,000 tons aircraft-grade aluminum sheet pre-stretching machine equipment after two years of production, the machine is stable and reliable performance, mass production of qualified aviation aluminum alloy plate, with favorable results, creating a significant social and economic benefits. Meanwhile, the project has made a number of innovative achievements, on the whole reached the international advanced level, it was agreed that the results through identification.

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