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Supply aluminum plate 7075 aluminum alloy plate

Author : Author : Alex Updated : Oct 10, 2015 00:00
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Supply aluminum plate, 7075, 7075 aluminum alloy 7075 aluminum manufacturers

Henan Signi aluminum industry co., LTD. The production of various aluminum alloy plate.Main production of aluminum alloy classification:

A series: 1000 series aluminum alloy represents 1050106, 1100 series.Of all the series, 1000 series belongs to a series of aluminum content in the most.Purity can reach more than 99.00%.

Because do not contain other technical elements, so the production process is single, the price is relatively cheap, is currently the most commonly used in conventional industry a series.Most of circulate on the market at present.For 1050 and 1060 series.1000 series aluminum plate according to the last two digits to determine the range of low aluminium content, such as 1050 series for the last two digits 50, according to the international brand naming principles, aluminum content must be more than 99.5% of qualified products.China's aluminium alloy technology standard (gb/t3880-2006) also make clear a regulation in 1050 aluminum Amount of 99.5% for the same reason 1060 series aluminum plate aluminum content must be above 99.6%. 

Two series: 2000 series of aluminum alloy 2024, 2 a16 (ly16), 2 how a02 (ly6).2000 series aluminum plate is characterized by high hardness, the original belong to the highest levels, among them with copper in about 3-5%.The left and right sides.2000 series belong to the aviation aluminum bar, at present not often used in the conventional industry.

Three series, 3000 series aluminum alloy represents 3003, 3 a21.China 3000 series aluminum plate production process is relatively good.The 3000 series aluminum rod is composed of manganese element as the main component.Content in Between 1.0 to 1.5, is a good series antirust function. 

Four series: 4000 series aluminium stick represents for the 4 a01 4000 series of aluminum plate belongs to the high silicon content of the series.Usually between 4.5 6.0% silicon content.Belong to building materials, machinery parts, forging Material, welding material;Low melting point, good corrosion resistance, the product description: with heat resistant, wear resistant properties.

5 series, 5000 series 5052500, 5508, 3, 5 a05 aluminum alloy on behalf of the series.Belong to the more commonly used aluminum alloy 5000 series aluminum rod series, the main elements for magnesium, magnesium content between 3-5%.And could be called aluminum magnesium alloys.Main characteristics as low density, high tensile strength, elongation rate is high, the fatigue strength is good, but do not do heat treatment to strengthen.In the same area of the weight of the aluminum magnesium alloy under below Other series. Are widely applied in the conventional industry.5000 series aluminium plate in our country belongs to the series of aluminum plate is relatively mature. 

Six series, 6000 series aluminum alloy represents 6061 mainly contains two elements magnesium and silicon, so focus on the advantages of the 4000 series and 5000 series, 6061 is a kind of cold treatment of aluminium forging products, applies to Against corrosion and oxidation demanding applications.Good workability, easy to coating, good workability.

The seven departments: 7000 series of aluminum alloy 7075 main contains zinc.Also belong to aircraft series, is copper alloy, aluminum and magnesium zinc is heat treatable alloys, belongs to hard aluminum alloy, have good wear resistance.Also have good weldability, but poor corrosion resistance.At present basically rely on imports, the production process needs to be improved. 

Eight series, 8000 series aluminium alloy is relatively commonly used for the 8011 belong to other series, most of the application of aluminum foil, aluminum rod production is not too common. 

Nine series: is spare 9000 series aluminum alloys.Aluminum alloy is the most widely used in industry of non-ferrous metal structural materials, in aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery manufacturing, ship aluminum alloy and The industry has a large number of applications.As the science and technology in recent years, as well as the rapid development of industrial economy, the demand for aluminum alloy welding structure growing, make the weldability of aluminum alloy research also follow. The deeper.Aluminum plate alloy is widely used to promote the development of aluminum alloy welding technology, at the same time, the development of welding technology and expand the application field of aluminum alloy, thus the welding technology of aluminum alloy is become As one of the research hot spot.The density of pure aluminum (rho = 2.7 g/cm3), is about 1/3 of the iron, low melting point (660 ℃), aluminum is face-centered cubic structure, it has the very high plasticity (delta: 32 ~ 40%, and bits of: 70 ~ 90%), easy to machining, can be made into all kinds of profiles, sheet.Corrosion resistant performance is good;But the strength of pure aluminium is very low, annealing state sigma b value is about 8 KGF/was, therefore,Unfavorable for structural materials.Through the long-term production practice and scientific experiment, people gradually to add alloy elements and using the method of heat treatment to strengthen aluminum, it's got a series of aluminum alloy .Add some elements to form the alloy while maintaining the advantages of pure aluminum light can also has high strength, sigma b value can reach 24 ~ 60 KGF/was respectively.So that its "than strong "(the ratio of intensity and the proportion of sigma b/rho) is better than a lot of alloy steel, become the ideal structural material, widely used in machinery, transportation machinery, machinery and aviation industry, the aircraft The fuselage skin, often in aluminum alloy compressor manufacturing, in order to reduce weight.The welding of aluminum alloy instead of steel material, the structure can reduce more than 50% in weight.Jin Zheda company in metallurgy Domain expertise, both creation and advanced technical support, a dedicated to the spirit of progress, and maintain highly keen on new knowledge, instant messaging and updates, as well as to Alcoa filling material

Understand, constantly introducing new products, keep pace with market development. Henan Signi aluminum industry co., LTD., quality as the first to provide this material origin, SGS environmental protection report, the price Richard.Welcome to contact us.

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