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Common aluminum plate surface treatment method

Author : Author : Alex Updated : Jun 18, 2015 00:00
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Common aluminum plate surface treatment method

 Surface treatment is to improve the performance, specific methods should be familiar with, for proper operation, common aluminum plate surface treatment method which is divided into several, to introduce you to the following:

polishing aluminum plate

  • 1, metal plating method: the more common, while polished plating treatment process.
  • 2, oxidation (color): aluminum plate oxide surface treatment uses two aspects to enhance physical characteristics, can achieve color purpose.
  • 3, wiping pattern: there is called the drawing, showing a similar pattern in the vehicle, are formed on the surface smooth continuous lines, the difference is that the car showed a cyclic pattern lines, wiping pattern with straight batch of flowers.
  • 4, blasting: aluminum plate surface treatment aim is to overcome and conceal some of the defects produced in aluminum plate machining process and appearance of the product to meet customer special requirements. Glass sand, wolfram, etc., showing different feel, similar to frosted glass rough dry texture, fine sand can also exhibit high-end products.
  • 5, polishing: overcome the shortcomings deburring and surface brightness role.
  • 6, car lines: aluminum plate surface treatment after the molding process of re-treatment, using a lathe machined lines, the overall performance of texture features extremely regular.

aluminum plate

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