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Formula of the weight of the aluminum plate

Author : Author : Alex Updated : Jun 24, 2015 00:00
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Formula of the weight of the aluminum plate : aluminum plate is 72.8 mm length、38.0 mm width、 3.0mm thickness , and inquiry the weight of this aluminum plate.

The density of aluminum : 2.702g/cm3.

The density of aluminum plate : pure aluminum plate density of 2.71g/cm3 , alloy aluminum plate density of 2.68 g/cm3.

The quality of the aluminum plate = thickness of aluminum plate length * width * density .

5083 h112 aluminum plate

A length of 72.8 mm , 38.0 mm wide , thickness of 3.0 mm aluminum plate volume : 

V=72.8 * 38.0 * 38.0 (mm) = 8299.20 mm3 = 8.29920 (cm3)

The quality of aluminum plate : 8.29920*2.71g=22.4908g=0.0225kg

aluminum plate

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