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What issues pay attention to pattern aluminum plate

Author : Author : Alex Updated : Oct 12, 2015 00:00
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Choose Checker aluminum plate should pay attention to what issues?

    Checker aluminum plate has a very wide range of applications, three、five、a pointer type Checker aluminum plate are common varieties, in areas such as construction, transportation, decoration, refrigeration equipment decorative Checker aluminum plate can be seen.With domestic manufacturers more and more, all kinds of decorative Checker of aluminum plate quality is good and bad are intermingled, the difference is huge.How to choose high quality Checker aluminum plate?

  • 1. look at the thickness.High quality Checker aluminum plate of the selected sheet, its thickness, strength and thickness of oxide film should meet the national standards, such as: aluminium plate thickness of 1.2 mm or more, the tensile strength of 157 or more cattle per square millimeter, yield strength of 108 or more cattle per square millimeter, thickness of oxide film or 10 microns.If can not meet the standard, it is inferior Checker aluminum plate.
  • 2. See processing.Regular Checker of aluminum metal production, dainty materials, board face is bright and clean bright, decorative Checker is clear and tidy, aluminum level off, the surface without oil, defects such as scratches, broken;Aluminum plate and small factory production of decorative Checker, made from aluminium scrap material, the surface is bleak, decorative Checker is not clear, not neat, the plate is not level off, the performance is not up to standard, the quality is poor.
  • 3. Look at the price.Checker aluminum plate is divided into two kinds of pure aluminum and alloy, the price is different also.Normal manufacturer production Checker of aluminum processing a ton in several thousand yuan, the price is higher than that of pure aluminum alloy, normal manufacturer of aluminum price is 20%-30% higher than inferior aluminium plate. Enterprises in the procurement, avoid by all means is not single than price, buy the unqualified products, it is too late to regret.
  • 4. The four services. From the factory production line to the enterprise's workshop, intermediate undergoes packaging, loading, transportation, storage, package, etc, decorative Checker aluminum plate appears unavoidably oxidation, scratch defects, such as large scale, good service suppliers to provide users with retreat, in service, for the user to solve the trouble back at home.

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