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How to choose aluminum plate

Author : Author : Alex Updated : Oct 20, 2015 00:00
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How to choose aluminum plate

    When buying aluminum plate,Oridinary consumers can be identified by using the method of the simplest visual,Base material surface coated gloss good, no crack, aluminum smallpox section, no black, grey, green and other impurities,Moreover can have a look at the section thickness of coated actual, some inferior aluminum plate with the thickness of coated to increase the strength of the board.

    Some consumers is generally believed that the thicker the plank is, the more the better hardness.Lead to many manufacturers in order to meet the requirements of these people, one-sided pursuit of thickness, hardness, surface treatment to spray a layer of paint or adopted more iron, lead, zinc and other heavy recycling of mixed gusset plate was made out of aluminum sheets, the low cost base board, the hardness, thickness can meet again.

    This will cause the alloy composition proportion out of control, product easy to oxidation, at the same time due to the use of recycling waste aluminum, its a lot of poisonous and harmful to human body metal content exceeds bid, radioactive, cells have larger radiation and harm to human body, cause serious damage to human body health.That is why prices are rising on the market and one of the reasons of aluminous gusset plate of extremely low price.

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