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1100 h14 Aluminum Plate

Author : Alex  Updated : Feb 25, 2022 00:00
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1100 h14 aluminum plate has high corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, low density and good plasticity. It can produce various aluminum materials through pressure processing, but its strength is low. Other process properties are basically the same as 1050A. 1100 h14 aluminum plate is usually used for food and chemical handling and storage equipment, sheet metal products, hollow hardware processed by drawing and spinning, welding combination keys, reflectors, nameplates, etc.

1100 aluminum plate

1100  aluminum plate

1100 h14 aluminum plate benefits

  • High corrosion resistance: good conductivity and thermal conductivity, with high plasticity.
  • Elongation: the product has good elongation and is easy to bend.
  • Arbitrary cutting: product standard measurement, arbitrary cutting and flat section.
  • Slight and high lifting: good upright performance, no bending when slicing.
  • Film protection: surface film protection, or double-sided film, subject to customer requirements.

product standard measurement

1100 h14 aluminum plate vs 1050 h14 aluminum plate

The difference between 1100 h14 aluminum plate and 1050 h14 aluminum plate is mainly the difference of aluminum content.

1100 h14 aluminum content must be more than 99.0%, 1050 h14 aluminum content must be more than 99.5%. The higher the purity, the lower the hardness of aluminum plate. 1100 is harder than 1050 in terms of physical properties. Because 1100 has more copper and magnesium than 1050 in terms of content, the hardness is better than 1050.

1100 Aluminum Plate Tensile Properties

Alloy Tensile Strength (MPA) Yield Strength (MPa) Elongation (%)
Aluminum 1100 H12 110 105 12
Aluminum 1100 H14 125 115 9
Aluminum 1100 H16 145 140 6
Aluminum 1100 H18 165 150 5
Aluminum 1100 o 90 34 35
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