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3003/3004 aluminum plate for 0.7mm thick curtain wall

Author : Alex  Updated : Jul 29, 2020 00:00
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Why are more and more building curtain walls using aluminum panels, and why are glass curtain walls gradually being replaced by aluminum panels? The main reason is to consider economic benefits, energy saving, environmental protection, safety performance, waterproof performance, and flexible and convenient construction.

3003 aluminum plate

Advantages of 3003/3004 aluminum plate for 0.7mm thick curtain wall

  1. 1. Light weight, high strength, good tensile strength, a wide range of uses, and a wide range of applications;
  2. 2. The durability and corrosion resistance are good, and the service life of the curtain wall is prolonged;
  3. 3. Good manufacturability, strong plasticity, easy forming, and excellent processing performance;
  4. 4. The plate shape is of good quality, clean, no oil spots, no burrs, etc.;
  5. 5. It can be recycled and reused, which is good for environmental protection.
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