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General equipment 6005 aluminum alloy plate

Author : Alex  Updated : Nov 23, 2017 00:00
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General equipment 6005 aluminum alloy plate

Physical property

The density of the type 6005 aluminum alloy plate is 2700kg/m3;The liquidus temperature of 654 ℃, the solidus temperature 607 ℃, 20 ℃ ~ 100 ℃ average linear expansion coefficient of 23.4 mu m/(m k), 25 ℃ when the T5 materials thermal conductivity of 167 w/(m, k);At 20 ℃ T5 materials such as bulk conductivity 49% IACS, resistivity 40 n Ω m..

General equipment 6005 aluminum alloy plate

6005 Aluminum alloy plate Mechanical properties

The minimum mechanical properties of different states: the tensile strength of T1 material is Rm = 172N/mm2, yield strength Rp0.2= 103N/mm2;T5 state of Rm = 262N/mm2, Rp0.2= 241N/mm2;The elongation rate of T1 state material is 16%, and 8%~10% of T5 state, depending on the thickness of the material.The shear strength of T5 material is 205N/mm2, brinell hardness 950N/mm2, positive elastic modulus 69GN/mm2, cycle times 5 x 108 times, the minimum value of fatigue strength 97N/mm2 (Moorish test).

6005 Aluminum alloy plate Process characteristics

Type 6005 aluminum alloy plate annealing temperature is 415 ℃, insulation 2 h ~ 3 h,Solid solution treatment temperature of 547 ℃;Artificial aging temperature 175 ℃ / 8 h.The 6005 alloy aluminum plate has good squeezable performance, but the compression speed should be lower than that of the 6063 alloy aluminum plate. The maximum compressive speed should not exceed 45m/min.Profiles and pipes of forming good performance, the surface processing performance is good, high corrosion resistance, can be in the industrial applications under the condition of atmospheric and oceanic atmosphere, no stress corrosion and spalling corrosion sensitivity.

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