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Easy to forge stamping 6A02-T6 aluminum plate

Author : Alex  Updated : Dec 19, 2018 00:00
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Material name: 6A02 old name: LD2

Standard: GB/T3191-1998

Main features and scope of application:

It has medium strength, high plasticity in annealing and hot state, and plasticity after quenching and natural aging. In this state, the corrosion resistance can be compared with 5A02.3A21, and the artificial aging alloy has a tendency of intergranular corrosion. After quenching , it is not good after annealing. The alloy can be spot welded and hydrogen atom welded, and gas welded.

Easy to forge stamping 6A02-T6 aluminum plate

2, chemical composition

chemical composition:

Silicon Si: 0.50-1.2

Iron Fe: 0.50

Copper Cu: 0.20-0.6

Manganese Mn: 0.15-0.35 or chromium Cr: 0.15-0.35

Magnesium Mg: 0.45-0.9

Zinc Zn: 0.20

Titanium Ti: 0.15

Aluminum Al: balance


Single: 0.05 total: 0.10

Mechanical properties

Tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥ 295

Elongation δ5 (%): ≥12

Note: Longitudinal mechanical properties of bars at room temperature

Specimen size: bar diameter (square bar, hexagonal bar inscribed circle diameter) ≤ 150

Heat treatment specification:

  • 1) Homogenization annealing: heating 525 ~ 540 ° C; holding time is 12 ~ 14h; furnace cooling.
  • 2) rapid annealing: heating 350 ~ 370 ° C; with the effective thickness of the material, heat preservation 30 ~ 120min; air cooling.
  • 3) Quenching and aging: quenching 510 ~ 530 ° C, water cooling; artificial aging 150 ~ 165 ° C, 6 ~ 15h, air cooling; natural aging room temperature 96h.

Status: extruded aluminum and aluminum alloy bars (≤150mm, H112, F.T6)

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