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The difference temper T6, F, O of 6061 thick aluminum block

Author : Alex  Updated : Nov 21, 2018 00:00
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The main alloying elements of 6061 aluminum plate are magnesium and silicon, which have medium strength, good corrosion resistance and good oxidation effect. 6061 aluminum plate is widely used after heat treatment. 6061 aluminum alloy thick plate is used in automatic mechanical parts, precision machining and various mold manufacturing. 6061 aluminum plate common state:

6061 aluminum alloy thick plate

  The T6 state is the most used of the 6061 aluminum alloy.The whole production cycle is about 10 days. After solution heat treatment, it does not need to be cold worked, and can be straightened and leveled without affecting the mechanical properties.   The F state is a free-working state of 6061 aluminum alloy, which is suitable for special products for work hardening and heat treatment conditions during the molding process. F-state production cycle is very short: plate cutting - sawing - polishing (also can not be polished, according to customer requirements) - packaging, the entire process can be smoothly shipped for 3 days, F-state mechanical properties are not specifications, customers can according to their own needs The F state is further subjected to heat treatment processing and used in a desired state.   The O state is a processed product in which the 6061 aluminum alloy is completely annealed to obtain the lowest strength. Applicable to the thin plate of 6061 aluminum alloy below 8.0, its production process: cold rolled finished product thickness - stretch bending cleaning - complete annealing - flying shearing (or bending and bending finished ) - packaging and storage, etc. Cycle is second only to T6 state
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