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How to calculate the aluminum plate price

Author : Author : Alex Updated : Nov 03, 2015 00:00
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How to calculate the aluminum plate price?Signi Aluminium resolution for you

    Thickness of aluminum plate, refers to in the following more than 0.2 mm to 500 mm, width over 200 mm, the length of the aluminum material called aluminum plate within 16 m, can also be referred to as the aluminium material.

    Aluminum plate classification there are several ways of common classification method is points, according to the thickness of the sheet can be divided into 0.15 2.0, conventional plate (2.0 6.0 mm), medium plate (6.0 25.0 mm), plate (25-200 - mm), super thick aluminum plate (200 mm) above.From the process, aluminum plate refers to use aluminum rolling processing of rectangular plate, can be divided into pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy, aluminium sheet, thick aluminum plate and decorative pattern in the aluminum plate.

    So, different thickness, different alloy aluminum plate is how to price, we are in the market to buy aluminum plate should be how to choose?Below we to henan aluminum processing enterprises - Signi Aluminium, for example, to understand the aluminum price of several basic steps:

  • 1, first make sure that the requirements of aluminum plate size, thickness, width, length, etc. The specific data.When computing unit meters shall prevail.
  • 2,The density of aluminum, aluminum volume * 2 (2.71), namely the length * width * thickness * 2.71, figure out what is the weight of each aluminum plate (tons), and then multiplied by the number of aluminum plate, such as 300, 500, the result is the total weight of this batch of aluminum plate.
  • 3, understand the current market price of aluminium ingot, this can be from chinalco network or Shanghai non-ferrous web sites such as to check the price changes every day.Contact Signi Aluminium for inquiry, consulting relevant models aluminum plate how much is the processing fee per ton, different alloys have different processing, the difference is bigger.
  • 4, the price of aluminum ingots, plus processing production enterprise of this product, this is the type of aluminum plate the accurate price per ton.
  • 5 tons, the required products, multiplied by the per ton aluminum plate prices, is the product of the accurate quotation.

If on the day of the Aluminium ingot price is 10000, Signi Aluminium processing fee is 5000 per ton of the alloy, so, Ming tai as aluminum manufacturers offer to you is (10000 + 5000) * 7.8 = 117000 = 117000.

    As a high quality aluminum manufacturers in henan province, Signi Aluminium with many years of development, has accumulated rich experience in technology and strong innovation ability, by the high quality brand, reasonable price to win the vast international market.Especially in the aspect of customer service, providing customers with professional advice and quick quotation, and to provide telephone, WeChat, voice mail, E-mail and other offer channels, to provide customers with efficient and convenient services.

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