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Semi-trailer will realize from the "steel" to "aluminum"

Author : Author : Alex Updated : Jul 07, 2016 00:00
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Semi-trailer will realize from the "steel" to "aluminum"

    As the semi-trailer manufacturing continuous reform and innovation of science and technology in recent years, aluminum alloy semi gradually reveal the semi-trailer manufacturing sales market, due to the aluminum alloy dominating a semi-trailer semi-trailer special advantage, "lightweight" because of its own weight "lightweight" the special advantages of aluminum alloy semi-trailer more and more get the attention of consumers.Aluminum alloy semi listed gradually update the shortcomings of traditional steel semi-trailer its weight.As high-tech now more and more developed, steel will gradually aluminum alloy semi-trailer semi-trailer "upgrade", it seems that aluminum alloy semi-trailer is fairly bullish on the future development prospects.

Aluminum alloy

    Aluminum alloy semi not only on their own "lightweight" occupies a certain advantage, also don't lose the steel on economic benefit semi-trailer.Due to aluminum alloy semi-trailer semi-trailer vehicle weight 3 tons more than the steel, this comprehensive calculation down, aluminium alloy of semi-trailer in every transport goods than steel semi-trailer DORA 3 tons of goods, a cargo of semi-trailer transport 3 tons more than steel, perennial, aluminum alloy semi-trailer semi-trailer than steel more than a year of economic income of thousands.By economic benefits, appeared on the aluminum alloy and the future development of competitive just around the corner.

    The production cost of aluminum alloy semi-trailer semi-trailer is relatively higher than steel.Due to the aluminum alloy semi-trailer compartments of the car is different from the traditional closed top compartments, it is a open top structure, its aluminum production equipment with precision, tarpaulin system switch only mirror aluminum strip on the ground or compartments, to eliminate the risk of aerial work, so the production cost of aluminum trailer is higher, the price will be higher.However, due to aluminum alloy semi trailer on the excellent features and lightweight occupies a certain advantage, so pay, can shorten the time limit fixed number of year of the aluminum alloy semi-trailer scrap is longer, more than a year than steel semi-trailer income of thousands, a long time it will semi-trailer income much more than steel.

    Semi-trailer manufacturing in the future path of development, aluminum alloy semi trailer will be one of the mainstream of manufacturing products, the future development of advantages to be reckoned with, is a technology revolution of steel semi-trailer.

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