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Signi Aluminium 6 series aluminum plate 's performance

Author : Author : Alex Updated : Oct 23, 2015 00:00
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Signi Aluminium 6 series aluminum plate 's performance and typical application

    6 XXX series (Al - Mg - Si) alloy is the most important extruded alloy aluminum processing industry, at present, more than 70% of the world's aluminum extrusion processing of material is with 6 XXX series alloy production.

    6 series alloy composition quality score in the range of: 0.3% ~ 1.3% Si, Mg in 0.35% ~ 1.4%.In the limit range, developed countries out of the hundreds of different composition of the alloy.The AA standard alloy column in the table 46 different ingredients of 6 XXX series alloys, and published in the October 1980 international alloy ingredient lists 252 different components in the manual of 6 XXX series alloys.

    After decades of practice application and screening, 6063, 6082, 6061, 6005 and so on four kinds of aluminum alloy and its variation accounted for 6 XXX series alloy dominance (80%), which covers the tensile strength of sigma b from 180 mpa to 360 mpa the entire range of all alloys.

    6063 aluminum plate is Al - Mg - Si is a typical representative in the alloy, with special excellent extrudability and weldability, is the first choice for building doors and Windows profile material.Its characteristic is under the condition of temperature - pressure processing speed, plastic performance and high resistance to corrosion;No stress corrosion tendency;When welding, its not actually lower resistance to corrosion.6061 aluminum plate, aluminum plate 6082 have a certain strength, weldability and corrosion resistance, is used for all kinds of industrial structure, such as in manufacturing truck, tower building, vessel, trolley, railway vehicle, container, furniture and other fields.Strength of 6005 alloy is more than 6063 alloy, often used in the manufacture of the ladder, TV antenna, etc.

    6 series in the automotive, Marine and other high-end manufacturing industry has a broad market prospect.As a result, 6 series aluminum plate is also one of the key direction of domestic aluminum processing industry.

    At present, the domestic department 6 series aluminum production enterprise is numerous, leading enterprises in domestic aluminum processing - Signi Aluminium, for example, the production of 6061 aluminum plate, aluminum sheet 6082:6 series aluminum products.Six years, Signi Aluminium series aluminum plate with stable performance, large scale production occupies an important position in the domestic aluminum market, for rail, ship and other high-end manufacturing, breaks new ground for 6 series aluminum market applications.

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