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Four kinds of aluminum plate for KFC door

Author : Author : Alex Updated : Oct 27, 2015 00:00
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Four kinds of aluminum plate for KFC door To introduce the next four door profiles for KFC door:

One. Electrophoresis aluminium plate:

  • 1. The strong corrosion resistance, appearance and corrosion function is extremely high, can usefully avoid acid, alkali, salt corrosion, is the best type health building mortar erosion prevention.
  • 2. The feel is exquisite lubrication, look gorgeous bright beautiful, magnificence, many colors to choose from.
  • 3. The film hardness. Resistant to more than 3 h hardness aluminium pen painting.
  • 4. Good function of life, even in the harsh.Severe cases decoration use, also can ensure more than 50 years of life not erosion, not aging, do not fade, not shattered.

Two. Aluminum oxide, the base material as anode, put in the electrolyte in electrolytic, remuneration in base material appearance constitute a maintainable layer of oxide film and then make up the aluminum oxide.Aluminum oxide primary characteristics:

  • 1, strong wear resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance.
  • 2, in base material appearance can constitute a variety of colors, maximum limit fit your requirements.
  • 3, hardness is strong, fit the manufacturing of all kinds of building, industrial materials.

Three. Rare earth foam aluminium plate: metal foam material is a kind of physical function and structure of new type of engineering data.It has a variety of excellent physical function in the noise elimination, shock absorption, separation engineering, catalytic carrier, such as barrier protection, energy absorption buffer has obtained the widespread use of multiple category.It, made of rare earths aluminum alloy foam aluminum brand products, was also thought to be a great way for the future of automobile, steamboat, and other transport things good information.

Four. Built with aluminum plate: is made of aluminum and aluminum alloy materials to build the finished product.To participate in a minority of one or several of alloying elements, can be achieved with functions of differences of aluminum alloy.Aluminum and aluminum alloy bright and beautiful, good erosion resistance, heat and light of high reflectivity, good sound-absorbing function, through chemical and electrochemical methods to obtain the color of all kinds of differences.So aluminum plate widely used in industrial and civil building roof, walls, doors and Windows, skeleton, exterior decorating plate, ceiling, ceiling, railing, handrail, indoor furniture, shops and construction with the template.  

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