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Henan Signi GYY type aluminum alloy oil shipped semi-trailer

Author : Author : Alex Updated : Jul 21, 2016 00:00
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Henan Signi GYY type aluminum alloy oil shipped semi-trailer delivery smoothly! 

By Signi tank truck division for the jiangxi customers tailor-made 3 and a half sets QXC9403GYY hang tanker smoothly delivered yesterday!

Signi lightweight stainless steel tank truck division is a professional aluminum tank car producers.Long-term commitment to customers both at home and abroad to provide cost-effective, high performance and high customer satisfaction products. 

Although the three product delivery time is tight, but the quality do not relax.Customer site acceptance, for our high work efficiency, excellent quality and safety performance.  aluminum alloy tank car.

Aluminum tank car has the following advantages: 

More safety: 1.

  • A. aluminum low center of gravity so easy to brake, more secure;
  • B. no combustible materials, does not produce sparks (the performance is very important when applied in inflammable and explosive articles), lower buildup of static electricity, aluminum alloy tank, makes the product handling and transportation process of static electricity conduction in time, reduce the probability of the accident. 
  • C. can pass deformation to absorb impact energy, and not suddenly torn;

2. Operating costs are lower, lighter weight, higher effective load (quick return of investment) :  (Aluminum plate sheet)

Due to the carbon steel alloy tank car tank car lighter weight, reduce the fuel consumption in the process of transportation and of tyre wear, thereby reducing the daily operation cost and maintenance cost.By reducing body weight and increase the payload, carry the same amount of goods can make a vehicle transport less number of shifts.

3. The oil transportation are of good quality: 

Aluminum alloy in the surface of alumina after years of use stage will not rust, ensuring the quality of the oil transportation directly, not contaminated product (aviation kerosene pay special attention to this feature).

4. Better fuel efficiency and reduce the emissions of CO2, more green environmental protection, accord with national policy for energy conservation and emissions reduction

5. Longer service life:

Corrosion resistance is strong, 15 to 20 years is a typical service life of aluminum alloy tank car.

6. More beautiful

Bright surface or ordinary surface.

7. Corrosion resistance

Aluminum alloy with acetone, benzene, gasoline and diesel, kerosene, glacial acetic acid and other food in most chemical medium and has good compatibility, wide scope of transport than in;Lower maintenance costs, can not do the anti-corrosion of metal surface treatment, the body has presented will not rust, durable, easy to clean. 

8. High recovery value

A 5 t finished aluminum tank, the tank car scrappage, according to the current international market price of aluminum, tank recovery alone about 80000 yuan.

Face new forms, lightweight tank truck industry Signi tank truck division roll out products to adapt to different market demand characteristics.In the fierce market competition, Signi tank truck with outstanding quality, continuously to the market.Signi tank truck division will also be accurate positioning, target market demand.On production, technology, process, inspection key links such as strengthening the control, strictly control the manufacturing quality, create "Signi" famous brand!  

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