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1A93 1A95 1A99 1A90 high purity aluminum plate manufacturer

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Grade: 1A85, 1A90, 1A93, 1A97, 1A99;
Product type: board, belt, foil, pipe;
Main features: industrial high purity aluminum;
Scope of application: It is mainly used to produce foils for various electrolytic capacitors, acid-resistant containers, etc. The products are plate, belt and foil.
Surface quality requirements for pure aluminum sheets
1. The surface of the board should be clean and no cracks or oxidized impurities are allowed.
2. The surface of the sheet is allowed to have defects such as depression, scratching, roll indentation, etc., but the depth cannot exceed the allowable negative deviation of the sheet and the minimum thickness is guaranteed.
The 3 process package aluminum slab allows for the detachment of the cladding layer and the bubbles of the cladding layer.
4. The surface of the sheet allows for the repair of defects in the range of thickness differences.
5, Other requirements: There are demanders and suppliers to develop their own.

1A90 aluminum alloy introduction:
Material Name: 1A90 Old name: LG2
Standard: GB/T 3198-2003
Industrial high-purity aluminum, the current Soviet brand AB2. AB1. AB0. AB00. AB000.
1A90 aluminum alloy chemical composition:
Silicon Si: 0.006
Iron Fe: 0.006
Copper Cu : 0.010
Aluminum Al :99.990
Note: Single: 0.01
Mechanical properties of 1A90 aluminum alloy:
Tensile strength σb/(MPa): 45-100
Elongation (δ10/%): ≥4
Note: Foil room temperature tensile test
Sample size: thickness (0.041-0.089)
Status: Foil room temperature tensile test (0.041-0.089.O state)