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2024-T4 aluminum plate

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2024 T4 aluminum plate is a kind of high-strength hard aluminum, which can be strengthened by heat treatment. It has medium plasticity in annealing, rigid quenching and hot state, good spot welding, and tends to form intergranular cracks when gas welding and argon arc welding are used; The machinability of aluminum alloy after quenching and cold work hardening is good, but it is poor in annealing state. The corrosion resistance is not high. Anodizing and painting methods or aluminum coating on the surface are often used to improve the corrosion resistance.

2024-T4 aluminum plate

2024-T4 aluminum plate

2024 aluminum plate can be used for structural parts such as aircraft wall panel, front beam girder, joint, strut and landing gear, alloy casting, beauty instrument and notebook shell.

Performance advantage

  1. 1. The aluminum plate surface shall be free of oil spots, waves, scratches, roll marks, neat trimming and burrs;
  2. 2. Low density, high specific modulus, good thermal conductivity and conductivity, and good manufacturing process performance;
  3. 3. It has good mechanical properties, high strength, easy to process, low density, and can be used as light structural material;
  4. 4. The tensile strength of 2024 alloy aluminum plate is 400-500mpa, and the alloy has better heat resistance and fatigue resistance.

The surface of aluminum plate shall be free of scratch and burr

The surface of aluminum plate shall be free of scratch and burr

Aluminum 2024 t3 vs 2024 t351

The heat treatment state of 2024-t4 aluminum is natural aging after solution treatment.

2024-T351 aluminum alloy is a product after heat treatment, and its mechanical properties can be significantly improved.

2024-T351 refers to the cold working for increasing strength after solid solution treatment. Tx51 is subjected to permanent deformation tensile processing to remove residual stress and then natural aging.

T4 hardness is hb120-1452024-t351 hardness is hb120-145; The size range of the two is the same, and the specific actual measured values can be different.

2024 aluminum plate to be shipped

2024 aluminum plate to be shipped

Mechanical properties of 2024-t4 aluminum plate:

Grade and status of aluminum alloy Tensile strength σb (MPa) yield strengthσ0.2 (MPa) Elongation δ5 (%) Hardness(HB)
2024-T4 425 275 14 120

Can 2024-t4 replace 2024-T351?

Since the numbers behind t indicate the different heat treatment states of the product after heat treatment, it indicates that the product reaches a stable state after or without work hardening, so in general, the two should not be replaced.

2024t4 aluminum plate has good performance, strong hardness, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The process of this plate is relatively precise and the general price is expensive.

The customer arrives at the factory for inspection

The customer arrives at the factory for inspection

Signi aluminum plate manufacturer:

  1. 1、 Compactness of aluminum plate: no sand hole, sand hole, transverse grain, bubble, impurity crack, crack and other adverse phenomena
  2. 2、 Internal stress of aluminum plate: process treatment can completely eliminate the internal stress, and it is not easy to warp, crack and deformation during processing and stress
  3. 3、 Tolerance accuracy of aluminum plate: in strict accordance with EU standards, comply with (ASTM / JIS) specifications and aerospace (AMS) specifications
  4. 4、 Processing performance of aluminum plate: the deviation of chemical composition, strength and hardness of aluminum plate shall be reduced to a small extent, and adverse phenomena such as "sticking knife" and "breaking knife" shall be avoided in processing
  5. 5、 Uniformity of aluminum plate: with heat treatment technology, the strength and hardness of products with a thickness of 300 mm or a diameter of less than 300 mm can be consistent.
  6. 6. stability of aluminum plate: all production processes are numerically controlled to reduce artificial deviation. Products of different batches can also ensure basically consistent performance
  7. 7、 Dyeing effect: uniform and glossy, no stripes, spots, sand holes or different colors on the surface
  8. 8、 High temperature resistance of aluminum plate: it can work at 400 ℃ without deformation
  9. 9、 The corrosion resistance of aluminum plate is through the microscopic inspection of metal and alloy. It has excellent stress corrosion resistance and peeling corrosion resistance. It can be used for a long time in various media (such as steam, weak acid, weak alkali, etc.) without pit or blackening
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