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In freight transportation vehicles, more than 85% of the mechanisms and components can be made of aluminum alloy, and the performance requirements fully meet the corresponding standards. In most industrially developed countries, the aluminization of trucks has been basically completed, and the level of aluminization has even exceeded 85%, and the lower has exceeded 70%. Currently in China, aluminum alloys for trucks are still in their infancy, but have also achieved some results. Specifically in the aluminum processing industry, the consumption of aluminum alloys for trucks represented by 5083 aluminum plates is gradually increasing, and shows a huge development space.

5083 aluminum plates

Dump trucks are the main trucks used to transport granular and powdery materials. The body of the truck is aluminum plates mainly made of 5083 and 5A05. At the welding place, 5183 aluminum alloy is used. The body of the car is welded with an aluminum plate of about 5 mm. The inner lining is made of steel plate. The aluminum alloy dump truck is 50% lighter than the original all-steel truck, but the performance and load-bearing performance can meet the requirements. Dump trucks are also the main direction of all-aluminum trucks. In 2009, the all-aluminum automatic loading and unloading truck independently developed by China successfully rolled off the production line, and its technology has reached the international level. All-aluminum dump trucks greatly reduce their own weight, and significantly improve energy saving, emission reduction, performance, etc., and meet the basic requirements of the current market for dump trucks. Among them, the 5 series aluminum alloy products represented by 5083 aluminum plates played an important role.