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5A06 h36 sound insulation aluminum plate

Source:Original Editing:Frank Time:2020-03-13 18:06
5A06 h36 sound insulation aluminum plate is a durable and practical aluminum alloy material. Railway sound insulation sound barriers are divided into pure sound insulation reflective sound barriers and composite sound barriers combining sound absorption and sound insulation. This is a more effective method of sound insulation. 5a06h36 alloy aluminum plate is used for corrosion prevention and sound insulation.

There are some reasons for 5a06 h36 alloy aluminum plate for railway / high-speed sound insulation plate. 5a06 alloy aluminum plate belongs to high magnesium alloy aluminum plate. Its main alloying element is magnesium. 5a06 alloy aluminum plate has high strength, especially with fatigue resistance: plasticity and resistance. High corrosivity, good machinability, and good arc welding performance.
In recent years, the market demand for 5a06 h36 aluminum plates for sound insulation of railway / high-speed rail has increased. There are not many users who come to ask about product prices. Because of the different specifications of aluminum products, the prices of 5a06h36 alloy aluminum plates will also vary. For the price of 5a06 h36 alloy aluminum plate for railway / high-speed sound insulation plate, please consult the professional 5a06 alloy aluminum plate manufacturer.
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