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5 Series aluminum alloy plate for automobile

Author : Alex  Updated : Jan 08, 2020 00:00
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The application of alloy in automobile not only has obvious effect of reducing weight and saving energy, but also conforms to the development trend of safety, environmental protection and automobile materials, which has significant economic and social benefits. Because the weight of automobile body plays an important role in the whole vehicle, the development of high-performance and characteristic automobile body plate is an important link in the process of automobile lightweight in China.

At present, 5 Series aluminum alloy is not widely used in automobile body plates in China, mainly because the price of aluminum alloy is about 2 times higher than that of ordinary steel, and the stamping forming difficulty of aluminum alloy steel plate is higher than that of ordinary steel plate. These two problems perplex the application range of aluminum alloy sheet in automobile body. But with the continuous development of science and technology, these problems will be well solved.

aluminum plate for automobile

aluminum plate for automobile

First of all, the improvement and progress of smelting technology will increase the productivity, so the unit price of aluminum alloy will continue to decline, and the concept of environmental protection of governments and people around the world will gradually increase, which will strongly require automobile manufacturers to adopt more aluminum alloy by changing technology and cost.

Secondly, aiming at the problem of low stamping performance of aluminum alloy plate, on the one hand, the proportion of each alloy element can be optimized reasonably through material science research, and the comprehensive performance of the alloy can be improved through the reasonable proportion and interaction between the elements, on the other hand, the stamping ability of aluminum alloy plate can be improved by improving the process such as heat treatment process and rolling process.

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