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5052 anti-rust aluminum plate price for aluminum furniture

Source:Original Editing:Frank Time:2020-12-16 17:37
As a representative of the 5 series aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate has a wide range of uses, such as automotive aluminum alloy, 3C products, computer brackets, high-end curtain wall panels, high-end oxide materials, cans/lids, shutters, trolley boxes, aluminum furniture, door panels/ Door handles, signs, decorative equipment. The 5052 aluminum plate has many advantages. There is no peeling, air bubbles, rough surface and local mechanical damage on the surface, and no cracks, corrosion spots and traces of nitrate on the surface of the aluminum plate.
Product performance of 5052 aluminum sheet for aluminum furniture/door panel/door handle

5052 anti-rust aluminum plate for aluminum furniture/door panel/door handle has high market recognition, skilled processing technology, stable product performance, good forming performance, corrosion resistance, 5052 anti-rust aluminum plate 5052 alloy aluminum plate has high strength and fatigue resistance High strength, high plasticity and corrosion resistance, good plasticity in semi-cold hardening. Henan Signi Aluminum is a 5052 aluminum sheet manufacturer, customized production, original factory quality assurance, quality assurance