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5754 h112 aluminum plate

Author : Alex  Updated : Dec 31, 2021 00:00
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5754 h112 has the characteristics of medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and easy processing and forming. According to the national standards GB / t6892 and GB / t14846, 5754 alloy is divided into hard alloy. The strength of 5754 is higher than 5A02. 5754 aluminum plate in different heat treatment states is the main material used in automobile manufacturing and can making industry. 5754 h112 is widely used in welded structures, storage tanks, pressure vessels, ship structures and offshore facilities, transportation tanks and occasions requiring excellent processability, excellent corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, high weldability and medium static strength.

5754 h112 aluminum plate

5754 h112 aluminum plate

5754 h112 status introduction

H112 is in the supply state, which is called hot extrusion state. H is the work hardening state, which is applicable to the products whose strength is improved through work hardening. The code h must be followed by two or three Arabic numerals.

H112: hot work forming followed by slight work hardening, or slight work hardening after a small amount of cold work to meet specific mechanical property requirements.

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aluminum 5754 h112 properties

aluminum 5754 h112 properties

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Automobile lightweight has made outstanding contributions to environmental protection and resource recycling. Many automobile manufacturers have developed new automobile lightweight products. Due to the characteristics of 5754 h1112 aluminum plate, it has become a common material for automobile fender.

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