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5754 tank car aluminum plate

Author : Alex  Updated : Apr 08, 2020 00:00
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As an important logistics vehicle, tank trucks are widely used in the automobile transportation industry. At present, steel tank trucks are mainly used for transportation. With the development of lightweight vehicles, aluminum alloy tank trucks have gradually replaced steel tank trucks. Why choose 5754 tank car aluminum plate as the material of tank car body?

5754 tank car aluminum plate

  1. 1. Lightweight 5754 aluminum plate for tank truck The aluminum plate of the tank truck, the aluminum alloy of the same volume is almost only 1/3 of the weight of the steel. The application of aluminum alloy on the tank truck has greatly reduced its own weight. A
  2. Second, the 5754 tank car aluminum plate has strong corrosion resistance Aluminum alloy has a corrosion resistance that is unmatched by steel. The tank is made of aluminum alloy, and various liquids or liquefied gases can be transported without any protective layer. Because the aluminum alloy tank has good corrosion resistance, it ensures that the oil is cleaner. A
  3. 3. High recovery value of 5754 aluminum plates for tank trucks Aluminum has strong anti-corrosion performance. After the tank is forced to be scrapped, the aluminum alloy can body is not damaged much and can be recycled. A
  4. 4. Good conductivity and energy absorption performance of the 5754 aluminum plate for tank truck, safer When the tank truck collides, due to the good conductivity of the aluminum alloy, little static electricity accumulates on the tank body, so no sparks are generated, thereby reducing the occurrence of explosions and other accidents.
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